Lady figuring out taxes
Personal Tax Returns
All different complexity. Single, common-law, family, senior, disabled, new immigrants, non-resident.
Calculating business taxes
Business Tax Returns
Sole proprietors, small business and corporate tax returns. Helping clients organize paperwork, track expenses and be audit ready. Bookkeeping services, HST and payroll filings.
Charts for returns
Types of returns
Commissions, employment expenses, investments, rental, bankruptcy, disability, involuntary separation, new immigrants
tax forms and a pen and computer with mouse
Final and Estate Returns
In year of death, up to three different returns may need to be filed. After death estate return will report income after death.
tax forms and a pen and computer with mouse
Late Returns
If you are behind in your taxes we can help you get caught up and look at the voluntary disclosure process, which alleviates penalties and interest. If you don’t agree with your assessment we can help with Tax Appeals